As you will be aware, the Government has announced that all students will return to school full-time from September onwards.  Following the guidance, SWIS Insha’Allah will restart on Saturday 4th September 2021.

Safety of our children and staff is paramount. Following the latest Government guidance, we have introduced considerable measures to ensure everyone in our school community is safe. I wanted to share these with you so that you feel comfortable in sending you child to SWIS. 

Students will study all subjects in their normal year groups. SWIS will adhere to government guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Please read the following guidance and ensure that your child follows each of these expectations.  We need all children to follow all the rules outlined below:

Only attend school if you and all members of your household do not have Covid-19 related symptoms.

Wear a mask or face covering if using public transport.

Arrive to school and leave to go home at the designated time. Do not congregate in school at the end of the day.

Use a sanitiser to disinfect hands on entering, leaving school and after break time.

Wash hands with soap after break time.

Always avoid physical contact. No hugs, shaking hands etc. Maintain as much distance from others as possible.

In the classroom, do not move the table or chair. Avoid touching displays and other surfaces. Wipe specialist equipment before and after use.

At break, go outside to the designated venue. Maintain a safe distance from others.

Do not share belongings (stationery, food etc.) with others.

Use your designated toilets only. Only enter the toilets if there is a free cubicle.

School Opening for the new Academic Year:

Following the lockdown and summer holidays, school will re-open on Saturday 4th September 2021 at 9.45.


Arrival and Leaving:

There are special arrangements to ensure that all students arrive and leave as safely as possible.

To reduce crowding on entering, students will arrive and leave at staggered timings and use different entrances as follows:

Year Arrival Leaving Entrance/Exit
1 9.45 – 9.50 12.25 Year 1 door leading to playing area
2 9.45 – 9.50 12.25 Year 2 door leading to playing area
3 9.45 – 9.50 12.25 Year 3 door leading to playing area
4 9.50 – 9.55 12.30 Main entrance into the block
5 9.50 – 9.55 12.30 Fire door at side of the block
6 10.00 12.35 Fire door at side of the block
7 10.00 12.35 Main entrance into the block


Please ensure you adhere to the different arrival and leaving times for each year group.

  • Where families have siblings, students should arrive at the designated time for the younger sibling.
  • Once students arrive, they should report immediately to their designated entrance door.
  • Students must not congregate in corridors.
  • Unless your child has a medical need or other vulnerability, parents should avoid coming to the school reception.
  • Upon entering school, students will be asked to use a hand sanitiser (provided).
  • Secondary school students must wear a mask or face covering if using public transport (or sharing a car with someone outside of their household).
  • Students will be asked to use the hand sanitiser before leaving the school.
  • To reduce crowding on leaving school:-Once students are dismissed, they should immediately leave the building and school grounds. Students must not wait inside the school building.
  • Unless your child has a medical need or other vulnerability, parents should avoid coming to the school reception. If you need to do this, please collect your child after 12.35pm.



  • Students should only use books and stationery provided and must not share their stationery or equipment with others.


Learning in classrooms:

  • Students should go to their designated classroom as soon as they arrive at school.
  • All lessons will be in their designated classroom.
  • Student will follow their normal timetable in their class.


Expectations in the Classroom:

There are several expectations that students should follow during lessons.

  • Students will use a hand sanitiser on entering classroom during the day.
  • Students must not leave their classrooms unless given permission to do so.
  • Students must always sit in their designated place. Desks and chairs must not be moved.
  • Students should not touch displays or other surfaces unnecessarily.



  • Each year group has an allocated set of toilets with notices placed on the toilet doors. At all times, including break, students should use their designated set of toilets.



All students should always maintain the best of hygiene.

  • There will be a hand sanitiser in all rooms. Students must sanitise their hands at the start and end of the day.
  • Students will wash hands with soap regularly during the day, particularly before and after eating and after sneezing, coughing or using the toilet.
  • All surfaces in classrooms, toilets and dining areas are disinfected by Ditton Academy.


Break Time:

To avoid year groups mixing and minimise crowding break times will be staggered timings as outlined below:

Year Break time Entrance/Exit Playing area
1 10.45 – 11.00 Year 1 door leading to playing area Playing area outside classroom
2 10.45 – 11.00 Year 2 door leading to playing area Basketball pitch area
3 10.45 – 11.00 Year 3 door leading to playing area Astro turf
4 11.05 – 11.20 Main entrance into the block Playing area outside classroom
5 11.05 – 11.20 Fire door at side of the block Basketball pitch area
6 11.05 – 11.20 Fire door at side of the block Astro turf
7 11.25 – 11.40 Main entrance into the block Main entrance into the block


  • Students will queue with social distancing.
  • Students will be asked to wash hands with soap before and after eating.
  • Students are not permitted to be in any other parts of the building during break times.


First Aid and Medical Room:

Any student who falls ill or develops symptoms in school will need to go home. Parents will be asked to collect their child immediately.

  • A student who is unwell will be isolated before being collected by parent.
  • There will be a First Aid resource in admin area.
  • Students will self-administer first aid, and any medication, if possible. However, if needed, designated First Aiders will provide support.


Students or Staff who test positive for COVID-19:

  • If a student or member of staff develops the symptoms of COVID-19 (a new, persistent cough, high temperature or a change or loss of smell or taste), they will be sent home and asked to book a test. Please inform the school immediately of the test outcome. If someone tests positive, please follow Public Health England (PHE) guidance.
  • Following advice from PHE, the school will contact parents via our text message service if your child has been in close or direct contact with someone who has tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 14 days.


We really appreciate your support with this. If you have any concerns or queries or need support in any way, please contact the school.