What is Ilhaam?

ILHAAM is a youth group part of Slough Weekend Islamic School set up in 2015; with a vision to inspire the youth of our community to volunteer and fundraise for local and international causes. Over the last couple of years, we have fundraised for campaigns to help those in Syria and Burma, working in collaboration with Ummah Welfare trust. As well as taking part in the Shoe box 4 Syria campaign and helping out at our local hospital (Wexham Park )and the local homeless shelter.

As a group we aim to :

  • Fundraise for local and international causes
  • Initiate our own projects to help those in need
  • Taking part in local projects ( such as Run Wexham)

Haider age 15 ( member 2 years)

We have the opportunity to help those left fortunate that many people our age do not get. It is a truly rewarding and I love being part of a team who focuses on trying to make a difference.

Kashif age 16 ( member 3 years)

I have learnt new skills being part of ILHAAM and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to make a difference

Abdullah Mirza age 16 ( member 3 years)

ILHAAM is  a great group of young people who are determined to make a difference. I love having the opportunity to fundraise and learn new skills . I cannot wait to see what we have planned for this year and how we can make a difference.

Sadia age 17 (founder and team manager of ILHAAM )

ILHAAM has provided me a platform from which I can engage with people form different backgrounds and take part in so many different opportunities. We have been fundraising with ummah welfare trust for the last three years every summer and have recently started working with Wexham Park. Being team manager has allowed me to grow in to a confident young person who loves taking part in projects to help others. I truly recommend all you individuals to take part

Aminah Mirza age 22 ( founder of ILHAAM)

We started ILHAAM in 2015 as a small project and it has been truly an amazing journey to see how we can make a difference by giving our time and having compassion. I have loved being part of a team of over 20 young people who are driven to make a difference. ILHAAM has the aim to inspire all young people to take part in charity work and to give their time to help others.

Parent  MR S M Mirza

My Children have grown up being part of SWIS ( for the last 10 years) SWIS is a second family for them and they have been given a safe environment to learn their faith. Furthermore, setting up and being part of ILHAAM has provided them with endless opportunities that have allowed them to grow in to confident young individuals who are able to help those less fortunate.

Parent Mr A Bhatti

ILHAAM has brought out my son’s confidence and gave him some responsibility. He was part of a team and more engaged with team members. It encouraged him to participate in all aspects of the activities. Being part of this youth group taught him skills such as time keeping, team cohesion , and working under pressure.