What does SWIS consist of?

We offer the children an exciting mix of Islamic education and fun/creative activities.

The curriculum is made up of 2 major areas:

  1. Weekly lessons:
  • Islamic Studies – essential teachings & practices of Islam, with emphasis on moderation/middle ground.
  • Seerah – covering life of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alehi wa aalehi wasallam), other Prophets (peace be upon them), Islamic personalities & their teachings.
  • Adaab/Akhlaaq for younger children.
  • Memorisation of short Surahs, Salah, duas and kalimaats.
  • Life, social skills, contemporary religious issues (for older children).
  • We use highly regarded Safar Publication syllabus which has been carefully chosen to ensure it is informative, creative, and interesting to facilitate children’s interaction.

Progress check:

We regularly monitor student progress and keep the parents informed. Quarterly tests and annual exams are held for each subject in June/July and formal school report is issued for each student, highlighting positives and areas of improvement.

  1. Quarterly Special Events:

Each quarter we hold special events, where the children take the lead role to organize the activities and learn different skills.

This has included :

  • Mock hajj (showing children how to perform hajj practically)
  • celebration of Prophet’s (peace be upon him) life and his Sunnah
  • healthy eating
  • drug/alcohol awareness
  • charity collections
  • various local & international causes.

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